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Whether you just want to collaborate with other CEOs and keep your staff updated on the best online training platform available, or you’re ready to dive in HEAD FIRST with a LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER approach, we have a plan for your needs.

Staff Training On-Demand

  • Virtual training program
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Repeatable, long term training
  • Improves capability, capacity, productivity, and performance

Mastermind Meetings

  • Online meetings: discuss business, finances,culture and more

Mastermind Events and Boot Camp Access

  • Semi-annual event
  • Learn skills you need to take your business to the next level from business leaders

Private Facebook Community

  • Private team community to collaborate and share to grow

Business Discounts

  • Available from select few of our venders

50% Off A La Carte Services

  • Mastermind & Bootcamp Tickets
  • 30min coaching call

Staff Coaching Services

  • Team coaching
  • Financial analysis, management assistance,hiring tips, job descriptions, staff management and marketing ideas
  • Train at our office

Costs of Goods Analysis

  • Measure profitability
  • Discuss efficiency in managing labor and supplies

Financial Cash Flow Analysis

  • Examine cash inflow and outflow
  • Determine funds and if you are making money

Comprehensive Job Analysis

  • Analyze current job descriptions
  • Identify skills required for specific positions

Mastermind Events and Boot Camp

  • One ticket included in membership
  • 75% off additional tickets

Management and Operations Review

  • One site visit to your office
  • Analyze company structure
  • Make sure people are in the right place with the right resources

CEO Coaching Services

  • Bring out high performance teams
  • Business coaching, conflict resolution, listening skills, planning skills, mentoring, team building, compassion/empathy and more
  • Private CEO community
  • Team coaching approach
  • Financial Analysis, management assistance, employee handbook, hiring tips, job descriptions, staff management guidance, marketing tips


  • Incorporate core values and identity
  • Create concept for print, marketing, and social media

Staff HR Support

  • Employee performance coaching
  • Wage and hour
  • Unemployment coaching

Projections and Planning

  • Experts in financial planning, investing, and retirement planning
  • Handle money stress-free and build security
  • Achieve goals in sales or production

Connect With Other Small Business CEOs

  • For a select few owners who are passionate, ambitious, hungry, open to change, and that want to be the true CEO of their business.

Mastermind Events and Boot Camp

  • Three tickets included in membership
  • 75% off additional tickets

Elite Clients:

  • Two calls a month for a minimum of 6 months will ensure the work you did during your evaluation is completed and in place. More frequent calls with support staff or your office manager will continue.
  • The consultant will work in conjunction with the owners, mentors and coaches, designated employees and senior or high-potential employees to determine areas for growth and get everyone working as a team towards communal success.
  • We employ a comprehensive business planning model that sets aside time for maintenance and ad hoc (things that come along that we could not foresee) and assign times to action plans that truly will make a difference. In this way, the plans you and our consultants deem necessary are done on time and on budget.